Meet our dedicated team, driven by compassion and excellence. We're a beacon of hope for BMER individuals, especially those of Somali origin, providing tailored assistance and comprehensive support systems. From essential aid to educational opportunities, we empower individuals to overcome challenges and thrive. With unwavering commitment, our volunteers stand as pillars of support, ensuring no one is left behind in their journey towards a brighter future.

Trustees and Directors 

Abdiqani Khalif - Chair

Mohamed Bilal - Deputy

Lul Ugas - Deputy

Hassan Muhamud - Treasurer

Fahad Malin - Secretary

Fowsiya Barre - Member

Abdisamad Hassan - Member 


Executive Director - Dahabo Isse

Advice Support Worker - Fairuz Azhar

Administration Support Worker - Zahra Abdulle

Supplementary School Tutor - Abdirahman Muhamud

Supplementary School Assistant- Ibtisam Hassan 



Sadia Hassan

Fowsiya Mohamed

Hodan Haji Isse

Rooda Osman

Amina Ali

Hawa Samater

Quresha Farah

Sahra Samatar

Sahra Ali

Abukar Baalle

Ahmed Abdulle

Maima Mohsin


Organisation Details

Company Number 8192593
Charity No. 1041387


Registered Office Dadihiye

1 Thorpe Close
London W10 5XL