We provide a drop-in advice support service  every day Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5pm  for our oervice users on:

The Drop-in Advice, support , Advocacy and Information services are open 4 days a week (Monday to Friday 10am-5pm), to provide a range of services which includes advice on. (NOTE: This has been affected by the lock-down rules and restrictions put into place and also partially moved online)

  • Online and Telephone assistance
  • Walfare benefits,
  • housing,
  • health, Gps
  • education,
  • Employment and reference support
  • arranging appointments
  • Support Letter writing/advocacy
  • Adult Social Care

We offer help with help with filling online forms such as

  • Universal Credit,
  • Benefit forms including pension credits attendance allowance, carers allowance, employment and support allowance etc,
  • Passport,
  • EU Settlements etc

We offer help with debts: 

  • utility bills,
  • overpayments,
  • rent arrears,
  • council tax, etc

We signpost our clients with information about

  • mainstream services
  • other local voluntary organisations,
  • immigration advice service  etc

We make referrals of clients with complex cases to professional advice and legal centres.

Dadihiye advocates for the rights of disadvantaged and low-income people as well as those who have been
socially excluded from the Somali community and other BME members. Due to lack of English skills and
cultural barriers also prevents some Members from to integrating well within the wider society because its
difficult for them understand the UK system. The majority of our clients are from the Somali community as single mothers, vulnerable, elderly and disabled people.