Earl’s Court Family Support Group was established to serve the neediest BME residents in the Earls Court ward / area (but does not turn away residents from other areas).

The support group aims to carry out services in the south of the borough, to:


  • address the needs of hard to reach people,
  • to advocate on behalf of clients who would otherwise have no representation,
  • by helping with housing issues,
  • benefit / welfare support queries,
  • education queries,
  • advice and overpayments etc.
  • to provide information on local services, including signposting and/or referrals
  • help for EU citizens affected by Brexit.

 We also aim to make an introduction with ward councillors where appropriate for support with complex cases. The need for such support is very evident in the borough, witnessed through pockets of deprivation and isolated communities, and because there are not enough community organisations working in the south for BME groups to serve their needs – the Earl’s Court Family Support Group aims to fill this gap.

The service is open to all groups / backgrounds in the geographical south of the borough.

 Although some residents will know Dadihiye Somali Development Organisation with its long standing track record in North Kensington, we are seeking funding to establish a more local service in the south, due to the distance to the north of the borough and the time and cost to travel. We know from our current network of users that a number of potential clients are elderly, some have impaired vision and others require visits at home. They have asked the services in the North to be replicated in the south.